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Most real estate firms assign one agent to handle all steps of the buying and selling process. Resulting in missed details, stressful last-minute situations, and an overall clumsy process that results in you potentially over-paying. 

That’s why at Welcome Connect, we segment out each task to an individual team that is highly-trained to complete their assigned portion of the process.

✅ You will have an agent working for you. 

✅ An expert negotiator to help you handle mortgage negotiations.

✅ A transaction team to handle the paperwork.

✅ A showing team that gets you access to the homes you want to see, when you want to see them. 

We’ll even help you with technical details like acquiring homeowners insurance and hiring an expert inspection team. 

You get to enjoy a streamlined buying and selling process. 

The buying and selling processes are intimidating, and that’s why the Welcome Connect team is dedicated to serving with your best interests, rather than our commissions, in mind. 

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